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This time it was a personal mission...

My name is Chris Hawk, Chris Hawk Jones to be specific but for purposes not to get confused with the other 9 million Chris Jones’s out there, I go by Chris Hawk. I’ve been chasing my dreams since I was a young boy, determined to be a hero in some capacity, even if that meant I couldn’t fly… Yet!

I was a state swimmer growing up, long, skinny, and fast. I was never gifted with great athletic abilities nor did I find myself as anything above an average scholar, but like my heroes in the movies, I knew that hard work would set me free. I always dreamt of being a soldier, one that would save the world, save lives, and walk into the sunset as someone of great influence. 35 years later, this dream became my reality and Generation Hero was born.

About Chris

CHRIS HAWK describes himself as the “most unlikely person to make a million bucks“, yet he has mastered the art of creating success from almost every idea he imagined.  His unique ability to see opportunity and innovation in several different sectors has put him in the spotlight, creating a high demand for his business services.

Chris is an innovator, creator, and high performance business advisor. A former competitive kickboxer, Chris formed his discipline studying in Southeast Asia before transitioning to a career with Homeland Security in 2003. Chris is the founder of Element99, a new age innovations parent company, as well as the CEO and founder of Generation Hero, a modern-day lifestyle management company serving self-employed entrepreneurs worldwide. Chris is also the founder of Buyoptix, a revolutionary technology company aimed to disrupt the publishing industry with their new Augmented Social Commerce platform.

What's My Experience

I have this innate ability to connect the dots.

I have done a lot of things right, even more things wrong, but what remains is my ability to create great products. I have been involved in the online marketing and business development space for almost 16 years, specializing in marketing strategy, business development, sales, and communication.

My Skills
  • Business Development
  • Market Research
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Sales Systems
  • Business Psychology
  • Media Production
  • Branding
Why I do what I do

It’s All About You

When you enjoy what you do as much as I do, you find that sweet spot that makes every day a joy.  I love asking tough questions that lead to innovative products and teaching young entrepreneurs how to be successful in business, that’s my sweet spot.  I tell people, I get to wake up everyday and feel like Tony Stark, there’s no amount of money that can take me away from that feeling.

This journey has not been sunshine and rainbows, I have endured the darkness like that of many entrepreneurs before me.  I have stood on harsh tides and weathered storms you only read about.  The origin of Generation Hero comes from personal pain and years of failures, all adding up to the necessary self-awareness I needed to be my own hero.





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My Mission

“My passion is to build the greatest entrepreneurial brand in the world” “My vision is to always believe we can build a brand that makes a difference” and “My mission is to serve entrepreneurs by bringing people together to fight our common enemy of fear, failure and entrepreneurial depression.”

-Chris Hawk