Let’s get one thing straight…

Before we get into the 10 books and why they should live in your mind instead of paper, I want to mention this:

I put this quick list together for influencers, of all shapes and sizes. You are an Influencer.

If you’re a marketer of any kind, entrepreneur, business person, or just in any kind of business that does business with other people, you’re an influencer.

If the above doesn’t describe you, these books are probably not for you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find immense value within them.

So here’s the list:

10 Books Every Influencer Should Read

1. Expert Secrets - Russell Brunson

Expert Secrets is simple – direct – and just outright a sexy piece of literature. It’s why I positioned it first on the list. For some this book is overlooked, for others this is a bible of influence based strategy and tactics. It shows you how to Niche. It shows you how to be a better influencer. It’s not a book to bypass for sure.

I heard Russell say it took him 18 months to write this piece of greatness. Well, I have read it six times over and it still brings new ideas to mind for my business.

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2. Crush It - Gary Vaynerchuk

The book has three pillars. Passion and Passion into Monetization, Tools and Everything Branding, and Content.

With those, you win – and it’s coming from someone who has lived the start from nothing life and even though his ego could eat you for breakfast, he remains down to earth and real. You won’t regret picking this one up – and if you do, pick up the audiobook, it’s even better as he narrates.

3. Reinvent Yourself - James Altucher

I have had the pleasure to work with James Altucher on several occasions. He also serves as a board of advisors for one of my companies and I will say, he has had a great impact on how I perceive myself as an influencer.

His recent book “Reinvent Yourself” takes us through the art of reinvention and the important role it plays in our life.

James has walked the walk when it comes to reinvention, his story alone will get you up in the morning saying “At least I don’t have to go through that today“. This is a great read and I put it on this list especially for the micro-influencer, someone who is finding their own in the world of the inter-webs.

4. Digital Influencer - John Lincoln

This book is about specifics, moving away from influencer theory and into the mechanics of a successful influencer.

The nice thing about John Lincoln’s “Digital Influencer” is it doesn’t hold back. It brings the punches when it comes to getting down and dirty as an infuencer in today’s economy. Being someone who holds the power to stimulate the mindset and affect the decisions of others is a tough gig but with the right mindset going in, anyone can be successful.

The practicality of this book is very useful and thus a high recommendation for any influencer.

5. DotCom Secrets - Russell Brunson

This is the second book by Russell in this list but I honestly feel it is warranted. You can probably tell I am a huge fan of Russell’s and that is because what he shares is all about what has worked for him. He is someone who is in the trenches and getting shit done.

In this book he explains the concept of funnels and the importance they play in any business.

I have been creating sales funnels for my business and other corporate clients for over 10 years. If someone asked me where I learned the techniques and logic that I used today, this book would be the answer. Put it simply, this book will revolutionize your business IF you apply what’s on these golden pages.

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6. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook - Gary Vaynerchuk

Here lies yet another no-bs book from Gary Vaynerchuk, a must read for anyone trying to make it online.

I’ve seen Gary build his empire over the years, consuming his content on a daily basis. He is the voice that entrepreneurs needed for many years and is perhaps the most honest, no bullshit entrepreneur on the net.

The advice in this book is just pure gold and should be required reading for every entrepreneur.

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7. The Conversion Code - Chris Smith

If you’re struggling to convert curious visitors into paying customers, then you need to read “The Conversion Code” by Chris Smith.

This is another step-by-step book that illustrates the blueprint for increasing sales in the modern, internet-driven era.

Here is why I like this book, like many of the other how-to reads on this list… 

While most people are concerned with getting more followers, likes, and comments; your attention needs to be paid on “HOW” you engage, leverage, and convert your audience.  This specific book dives deep into the conversion process that makes an influencer a real business.

8. Top Of Mind - John Hall

The main goal of marketing is to stay top of mind with your audience, ensuring people are naturally drawn to you – and your company – at just the right time.

Top of Mind” is an easy, fun read that will help you build trust with your audience and differentiate yourself as an industry leader.

John Hall succeeds in taking the everyday term “top of mind” and authoring a book that will forever inspire you as an influencer and business owner.  This book is one of my “must reads” for the simple fact that being an influencer is all about relationships and engagement and that is exactly what “Top of Mind” is all about.

Read it! Be a practitioner. 

9. Publish & Profit - Mike Koenigs

If you want to stand out and get attention in this busy, connected world, you need this book. This read will guide you as an influencer into becoming the necessary authority in your niche.  Posting on Instagram, snapping on Snapchat, and blogging isn’t enough for you to gain the competitive edge to own your market’s attention.

Mike Koenigs has been in this game a long time and he is the expert on creating your “celebrity authority”.  His step-by-step blueprint will guide you through writing, publishing, and profiting from a book in as little as THREE days. (I don’t recommend that timeline but it can be done)

I suggest anyone looking to increase their “celebrity status” or create deeper attraction in their market, to take a read. I have personally referred this book to hundreds of people and seen amazing results come from those that put the concepts into practice.

10. #AskGaryVee - Gary Vaynerchuk

Is it any surprise that I included a book that has a title that starts with a hashtag?

#AskGaryVee is a portfolio of advice about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship from once again, Gary Vaynerchuk. Similar to many other contemporary books, the content is gleaned from Gary’s podcasts episodes. (I also suggest subscribing to the #AskGaryVee Show on Youtube)

I have referred to a lot of examples found in this when growing my business online. There is nothing better than learning from the examples of people who have gone where you want to go.  Pick up this book, it’s full of incredible, life-shattering advice.

That rounds out my top-ten list of books every influencer should read today.  As quickly as things change, I expect to revise this list in the next 18 months. Perhaps YOU will be the influencer I reference who is shaking things up and redefining the game.

Let me know your comments down below and add your own recommendations.
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