• James… you are one funny and cool dude! You’re story is inspirational!

  • Salif

    Very authentic and down to earth, will love to sit down and have a conversation, looking forward to reading the book.

  • Oh so true about the ‘corporate journey’ James. Appreciate you for sharing your story and I continue to enjoy your newsletters with all that you do is truly inspiring for me and I can see how inspiring you are for so many people as well.

  • Michelle Lee Aldo

    Oh what a story James!, WOW!

    It’s one I truly appreciate you sharing, as you speak to the hearts of many people wanting more for their lives and their family! You are one cool, intelligent guy and perseverance should be your middle name!

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing a story that all ears and hearts can benefit listening to! My condolences about your dad, I held back the tears, and appreciate your strength. Looking forward to learning more about you! Thank you also for the wonderful book offer! Wishing you continued success and a life filled with passion, wealth, health and happiness!

  • Uriyah Hawkins

    Great story that is on going.

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