Hawk Management Group

We’re about to open the doors to an agency that has your back. Every client at HMG becomes part of a family of professionals that has one goal in mind, YOU! We become your partner to assist you with any advisory needs as we work together to drive you towards your desired business outcome.


For Influencers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and publishers who are seeking personalized council regarding business development and growth strategies and are dissatisfied with the current business-assistance landscape, HMG is an agency specializing in business management and advisory services. We bridge the gap between you and the outside world, assisting with decisions that involve growth strategies, service contracts, product sourcing, networking, publishing, advertising, and most importantly: positioning you in front of the best opportunities to make you #1 in your category.

Unlike specialized short-term consulting and aging traditional agencies, we focus on long-term representation to guide you through the multiple phases of business growth. From the beginning stages of ideation to building your business at scale, HMG advises you on the offensive strategies and resources needed to grow successfully. We also serve as a line of defense against inexperience or limited market knowledge that may put you at risk. Our motto is “We’ve got your back, 24/7”.




Our Clients

Influencers, Brands, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Dreamers

What We Do

Serve as your private business advisor

Whether you need growth advice or counsel for the occasional “crisis”, we got your back.

We provide guidance, resources, and the strategy you need during every stage of your business growth. Our secret formula for success is found in the combination of:

  • Unmatched personal attention and individualized service
  • Over 40 years combined business development and management experience
  • Large network access to individuals, service providers, and growth opportunities
  • We don’t work with everyone, our selection process ensures our ability to maintain our quality standards